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The act of twirling your boner out the sun roof of a moving vehicle to elicit interest from the opposite sex.
guy #1 Dude, did you see that fox?

guy #2 I'll bet if we excercise some pinwheeling, we'll get her attention.

guy #3 I think you're right
#wave steak #brandish #helicopter #helicopter show #cock
by Job Pilson July 15, 2008
A sexual position in which the male lays down and the female lays on top if him, so that the penis goes in the vagina or anus. The male then pushes the female around in a circle, like a pinwheel. This can be done in reverse where the female is on the bottom and the male is on top.
Guy 1: Dude, Billy and some whore were pinwheeling last night.
Guy 2: Yeah, he's got a nasty burn on his dick from that friction.
Guy 1: Ouch.
#pinwheel #sex #burning #spinning #anal
by seedotlover December 21, 2013
When using a Mac and your cursor become an infinitely spinning pinwheel. Often occurring when a programme crashes or when too many applications are opened/being opened at once.
While opening my Adobe software and watching videos online at the same time I was hypnotized by Mac's colourful pinwheel.

I was pinwheeling when I overloaded my Mac with processes.
#mac #pinwheel #apple #death #freeze #crash
by CyborgElete September 28, 2007
When sick with the stomach flu, pinwheeling is the unfortunate act of simultaneously projectile vomiting out one end while shooting explosive diarrhea out the other. So named for its resemblance to a pinwheel firework, which emits a strong stream of sparks in opposite directions in order to spin.
"Wow, I haven't been that sick in years. I was in the bathroom all night; at one point I was pinwheeling..."
#puking #hershey-squirts #pinwheelng #sick #flu
by wordsmithjim April 13, 2014
the act of rapidly spinning your penis while taking a piss.
i totally just went pinwheeling in your bathroom.
#pinwheel #pinwheels #pissing #excretion #bthroom
by xSpAnKx MaNiiAc January 02, 2011
A unfortunate side effect of being rather ill, and your body evacuates from both exits.
Dude, after eating that burger I was pinwheeling for a night.
#vomit #food poisoning #explosive diarrhea #puke #shits #barf
by L. Duderino May 14, 2008
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