the best pizza shop in the world located in dunfermline scotland
haway the lads lets gan to pino.
by SeanX May 13, 2003
The most offensive word you can ever be called.
Frank- That girl is such a Pino.

Herb- Yea i know, but don't tell her that she'll cry for months... actually fuck it she's a pino.
#pino #jerk #bitch #cunt #girl #pia #shlaaa
by shlaaa January 16, 2010
An acronym of the phrase "Punk In Name Only", in reference to more recent punk culture not considered to actually be punk by followers of Classic Punk culture
"John used to be a wigger, but now he bought a bunch of clothes at Hot Topic and he's turned into a PINO."

"His CD collection is all stuff like Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne.. all those PINO bands."
by M Kunert January 03, 2005
A foxy girl of central or south american heritage.
That insane baller over there won't ever go for anything less than a staight pino because he's got discriminating taste in them hos.
by mad-pimpn May 10, 2004
A stupid way to say Pene in spanish, cause Pino has the same letters than pene. so if you change I and O in pino n u remplace it whit E then u have Pene ...

it's simple
I have a big pino In spanish : Tengo un gran pino
#pino #n00b #owned #pene #cod
by loooookkklll November 26, 2006
a persian who is a gino
they listen to gino beats and wear diesel jeans and tight dolce & gabana shits.

arian says - like my new leather prada shoes?

john says- ew you fucking pino!
#pankster #gangster #gangsta #wigga #pigga
by noushii<33 October 14, 2006
Weed and tobacco mixed together to be smoked.
Josh just ripped a pino!
by burlybud October 26, 2015
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