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individual who possesses a one-way ticket to prison. who gambles not only their money and reputation, but also their sexual organs, their best friends, and their dreams by acting in ways which consequences forever ignite the most feared, internal nightmare. who consistently acts in ways that have proven unsavory time and time again in their past, yet who fail to yield the self-discipline and willpower in the present moment to learn a new way which most likely will lead to increased well-being. the only occasions that inspire them to attempt to make deep corrections to their internal affairs are hospitalization or the charge of felony. as much as you want to support the degenerate gambler because he or she is your friend, there comes a time when you must move on with your own hard-earned lifestyle and at the most, infrequently say a prayer for your ol' pal at the bedside.
your second cousin who now works for NASA may be a degenerate gambler.
by einsteen January 11, 2012