or "peener" a thin ass joint that is rolled by mexicans, some are even proud of the "peener" and think their crappy joint is cool, but its not, it is queer, and another way for border bunnies to be cheap. rofl
"Yo, holmes, I rolled us up a peener( pinner ) for the road"
"Fuck your peener, spic"
by Joey313 June 09, 2006
A person who is as annoying as a pinner joint. A loser.
"Man, that guy is such a pinner."
by incognito August 09, 2004
a small thin marijuana cigarette using only the highest quality,most tasty buds

rolled for taste (for the flavor)
Hey let's go bogart this pinner I ain't got enough to be sharing it with everyone.
by joe blow fo shizzle December 07, 2003
Someone who messes us about and cause trouble in our life and generally upsets you :(
And lets people down
Lewis is a PINNER!!
Lewis is a big pinner
by TomaaronTomaaron April 01, 2008
Someone who is a bitch
Mike is such a pinner today!
by Dave May 17, 2003
Originated from the commonly used "Pino," of or referring to Filipino. Has origins in Beaner as well.

One who is a Filipino

FPT - Filipino People's Time
Yo, dat PINNER has a loud ass muffla on his CIBIK. His quarter mile time is FPT.
by StantheManMan September 10, 2006
A penis that is very skinny. May be long or short. It is the opposite of a chode.
After swimming I always have a pinner
by sj0r April 27, 2003
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