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Undeniable class. Upscale people always drink with their pinky out, hence the name. This can be used to describe something, or used in place of "goodbye." When used the second way, it is akin to Ron Burgundy's "Stay Classy."
"Hey man, I got my car painted." guy 1
"Oh really man?" guy 2
"Yeah, pearlescent white." guy 1
"Dude, sounds pinky out." guy 2

"Later, man." guy 1
"Pinky out, bro." guy 2.
by They Call Me Favre March 25, 2009
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when in doubt...stik ur pinky out
somerandomperson: hey,otherperson, did u start that fire?
otherperson: *stiks pinky out*
by samdog361 September 14, 2007

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