army language for a headshot cause by a sniper.
He wanted the pink mist so he went crazy and shot 4 civilians.
by omgykkyb April 16, 2006
Top Definition
Military - The blood that comes out of a snipers target when he/she is hit. the blood appears pinkish over the distance and the quick burst of blood that comes out makes a misty effect.
I want the pink mist

The sniper got his first pink mist
by Numlock June 30, 2006
What happens when a person's body id blown up by a bomb.
He blew up into a pink mist
by Olufunmi May 27, 2008
Is what happens when a 150 grain 30-06 bullet strikes the forehead of a small white tail button buck.
A couple of back flips are involved when a pink mist is properly used.
by camera man December 28, 2007
To lose oneself in a sexual fantasy or when you "go off on one" while shagging. To become unaware of ones surrounding due to a sexual day dream.
John - "I walked in and she was stood there with her skirt in her mouth, pulling up her knickers...I saw her muff good, you like that don't you...bang bang bang.." (Starts to girate hips and make licking motions)
Dave - "John! John! Hey John boy! Snap out of it"
John - "Sorry mate, I got the pink mist there for a minute"

(During Sex) Martin - "Yeah baby, you love it, you F***ING LOVE IT! DON'T YOU YOU FILTHY WHORE...BANG BANG BANG!!...oh sorry love, I got the pink mist then"
Veronica - "Please don't hurt me"
by dogegg July 04, 2007

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