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Military - The blood that comes out of a snipers target when he/she is hit. the blood appears pinkish over the distance and the quick burst of blood that comes out makes a misty effect.
I want the pink mist

The sniper got his first pink mist
by Numlock June 30, 2006
1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - DELTA

The most Elite Unit of the Special Operations Units.
Part of the United States Army. It's existence is denied by the U.S Government. Memebers of this unit are referred to as "Delta Operators"
The terrorists were annihilated by the SFOD-D
by Numlock June 29, 2006
a slang for a flashlight in the the Marine Corps.
Sgt: Hey Pvt Jenkins! throw me that moon beam! its dark as hell in that camp.
Pvt: Here you go sir!
by Numlock June 29, 2006

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