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To actively hurt a conversation by speaking arrogantly and with authority when in reality Kevin Love is closer to being MVP of the 2010-2011 NBA regular season 30 games in than you are to being informative on the subject. Missing multiple layups on camera doesn't hurt.
Stan: Wow John, you totally bobbo'd that meeting yesterday.

John: FML
by LOLKEVINLOVE April 07, 2011
A horse (East midlands) ... when used in explaining to a small child.
"Oh look at the pretty bobboes"
by drbollocks April 20, 2008
An enormously sexy man with large muscles and an attitude for style. Can be seen hooking up with Diana Saenz or Karalynn Montgomery. Fun stuff here.
I wanted to fuck bobbo profusely.
by muahaha November 10, 2004
Taking a dump with such explosive verocity that it hits the back of the toilet bowl
ex- I ate white castle last night and then I took an explosive bobbo this morning
by Red247 February 14, 2011
a nice handful of cool beans; also a rather happening dude who makes those legs behave, cool beans
Guy 1 - Did you see Bobbo in the clinic

Guy 2 - Oh yeah, he made those legs behave!

Guy 3- Cool beans!
by awesomedude(ck) December 10, 2009
bobbo the circus bear, licks own pubic hair, he tickled his granny, and licked out her fanny, its bobbo the circus bear
he's a bobbo and he's a fat one at tht
by Gian and Griff March 01, 2005
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