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In a porno (usually)when 2 guys are double penetrating the female, the guy on top's scrotum is so long that it actually swings back and forth to the point where it tags both his own anus and the other guy's scrotum.
When J-Lo was getting the double-dick action, P-diddy was mad ping ponging AFLAAAACK's nuts!
by Mcfelcha January 28, 2003
The act of sending and receiving MSN Plus pings and pongs, to entertain ones self.
MSN User #1: Can I do some pingponging with your MSN client to entertain myself?

MSN User #2: Knock yourself out.

by LyleUK August 18, 2006
when a guy's eyes dart back and forth from a girl's eyes to her chest
Don was ping ponging as he was talkin to me.
by irishchick June 16, 2005
the last feeling you has with someone Which is probably something like motion sickness. Only it causes you to question your feelings. And that makes you feel sick all the time.
Like a never-ending hangover
Omg I am totally Ping-Ponging between jake and Brian. I think I love Brian more though because he wooed me
by symone.2b September 28, 2015
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