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Either living or pretending to live a criminalistic lifestyle, ie. no job with a mouthful of gold (or platinum),rolling around in a busted out ride with the trunk rattling due to excessive booty bass, pickin up welfare checks at the baby-mama's house and proceding to buy 40's and blunts.
T-Roy not a playa, he be thuggin.
by Mcfelcha January 27, 2003
In a porno (usually)when 2 guys are double penetrating the female, the guy on top's scrotum is so long that it actually swings back and forth to the point where it tags both his own anus and the other guy's scrotum.
When J-Lo was getting the double-dick action, P-diddy was mad ping ponging AFLAAAACK's nuts!
by Mcfelcha January 28, 2003
a very tall female who you prolly would bang (if you could)and who more than likely dates some little buttmunch wormy scrub whos ass you could easily hand to him.ie a girl's who ass is so high you have to stand on your tippy toes to bang from her from behind.
damn look its Uma Thurman, now dat is some big tang!!!!
by Mcfelcha January 27, 2003
Also known as felch recycling, the act of felching first, then using a funnel to redeposit the semen back into an awaiting orifice.
Damn dawg I gots a tape of Maria Conchita-Alonso doin some mad funneling!
by Mcfelcha January 27, 2003
an extremely hairy pussy.
Damn Christina Ricci gotta mossy grotto!!!
by Mcfelcha January 27, 2003
The act of felching first and then redepositing semen into a second orifice with the use of a funnel.
Damn dawg I gots a tape of Maria Conchita-Alonso doing some mad funnelling!
by Mcfelcha January 27, 2003
a cooler way of saying "terrible" also can be applied to most any word with "er" in the text, ie. im goin over hurr (instead of here)and regretably "I need two purr".
he don even feed his baby, das turriball.
by Mcfelcha January 27, 2003
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