a goatee; possibly shaped
Hey, you've gotta pinch growing there! I see it!
by Kenny March 10, 2003
something tight or small
your shirt is madd pinch
by Balla Balla August 30, 2003
retract the anal sphincter during anal sex to give extra pleasure
I was banging this chick in the ass, and she gave me the "pinch", it was the best bang ever.
by Tian March 18, 2004
A girl who has never given head or otherwise a boy who has never gotten head.
"I've never gotten a blowjob."
"Oh my god...your such a pinch!"

"She's never sucked someones balls"
"Really! Haha, what a pinch!"
by vaginagirl2k9 May 18, 2009
Being stingy..cheap..worthless

To pinch.
Fabio is a pinch because he is too cheap to pay $.25 for a hair cut.
by Matt January 03, 2004
a girl/guy you would do only if desperate.
"She's a pinch." or "If she gained a couple of pounds she'd be approaching pinch status."
by Amy September 06, 2004
grabbing crack
hand me a pinch
by dilpgh May 04, 2003

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