A woman who uses men to get whatever she wants. She'll lie, cheat, steal, even turn him in to the feds just to cover her tracks. A pimpette may or may not do anything sexual with the dude she's with; it depends on wheter she really likes her boytoy or not.
Fujiko is the Queen of Pimpettes. She uses Lupin whenever she can; she teases and he pleases (read: busts his butt to get what she wants).
by RatchetBoo July 07, 2003
1. a female pimp; a girl that can get whatever she wants whenever she wants out of multiple guys
2. a female that pimps out hos to make money
1. that trick gina can be considered a pimpette or a playa
2. gina the pimpette makes $1300 a week outta her ho sandra
by dalia November 23, 2003
A lady P.I.M.P
look at the girl walkin down the street wit that velour sweatsuit don't she look like pimpette
by sharifah October 18, 2003
A pimp is a lady's man...so a pimpETTE would be a man's lady! :-P
She had the men all over her, that little pimpette!
by yoyo May 05, 2003
Two girls who can pimp
Diane n Rachael
by DD RH February 22, 2003
Meitra Lak
Meitra Lak is such a pimpette that everyone in the world wants to be her.
by One of her hoez August 04, 2003
The womanly hottness that is to never be revealed.
I am a pimpette. Don't believe me, I got you stringin along.
by lilpimpetteintraining September 13, 2003

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