When a Female Has a lot of male friends But not a hoe.
Me i have brooklyn niggas bowing down to me
by Pimpcess of Brooklyn May 19, 2004
Top Definition
Pimpcess, A girl that gets all the guys. But, not really a slutty hoe. Just someone all the guys wanna be wit.
Me and my girls are such pimpcesses, all the guys staring at us a we walk past them

Party all day, Party all night. It's ok, It's alright. When your single and sad, and don't kno what to do... get some fellas to pimp b4 they pimp you!
by Allie May 23, 2004
Okay so a 'pimpcess' is a cross between a pimp and a princess... which is basically gangsta royalty, like a princess but without the dresses and instead add some hi-tops and a hoodie :P
Wow man.. that bitch is a pimpcess all da way..
by Kitten.LeSuere January 17, 2008
A girl pimp who gets all the guys yet not ho-ish enough to be classified as a ho.
Damn all them boys wanna go down on her? Thats a pimpcess!
by Carolina the Pimpcess April 18, 2003
Half pimp, half princess. Gets all the guys, but keeps them in line.
Whoa, Anna Lisa has three guys with the same name? and she calls them "friends" total pimpcess.
by ABU1234567890 April 11, 2010
A female who dates several males/females, with no intention of serious relationship. She is just trying to "get her's"!
I have niggas bowing to me. I'm a pimp-cess!
by Camiel October 05, 2003
Polly n Robyn are pimpcess' cos they so fine all d bois wana treat dem like royalty!!
'id like to give her a tiara cos she sure luks like a pimpcess 2 me dawg!!'
by Polly Leigh n Rob Rawlings April 04, 2005
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