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1. someone who has been pimping since diapers

2. a man who grows above and beyond a silverback

3. an uncontainable force no woman can resist

the pimp-a-saurus can often be found with the bajingo-saurus

his natural mate is the clitorous rex
"omg kevin is a prehistoric pimpasaurus on the hunt! watch out all pus-a-sauruses he's coming for you!"
#pimperoni #t-rex #pimp #silverback #carnivore #pimp-a-saurus
by who-could-resist-a-saurus April 23, 2009
A guy with so many skills he is often the object of desire of so many women.
Coach is a pimpasauras, after he tagged all the hoes in one side of the building, he moved on to the next building.
by Chief August 24, 2004
A spritual being with such a strong grasp on the concept of "The Pimpin'" that he has reached the status of a Deity.
Pimpasaurus has such an uncanny knack for The Pimpin', he can turn any woman into a hoe simply by blinking in the direction they are from him. THAT is Pimpin'.
#pimpasaurus #pimposaurus #pimpasawrus #pimpasoarus #pimpasore #pimpasaur
by Don "Magic" Juan June 08, 2006
The guy with all the game. He can pull hoes at will.
After nailing all those chicks, Dave was voted the best pimpasuruas of all time.
by Chief August 22, 2004
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