something so caked up like something a mac daddy would have you have to say DAMN!!
brotha that's PIMPALICIOUS, yo!!!
by who cares? March 30, 2003
Top Definition
something so amazingly great, it would make a pimp smile.
dude! that ho is pimpalicious! she would make her pimp proud!
by Big Fat J January 31, 2003
very cool awesome super
that is pimpalicious
by harry February 22, 2005
pimpin, legit, doggyz
makayla<3 is pimpalicious
kyles skateboarding and fingerboarding is pimpalicious
YOU are pimpalicious BE pimpalicious
by iamjoshica December 09, 2009
An adjective describing one who is skilled in the art of pimping that has a unique, fresh style that is unlike any other and is the only one who can pull off the look. Pimpalicious is also a synonym for "cool". Pimpalicious is a general adjective that is used to describe the life-of-the-party, the popular kid in school that everyone adores, and anyone named Jordan.
"That guy is very pimpalicious!" "Man, that new car you bought is pimpalicious!"
by The Panda Pimp with Big Guns November 19, 2009
If something is pimpalicious it is also pimptastic and pimp-happening. In the kind of way that a milkshake would bring a boy to the yard, a pimptastic person or something that is pimptastic, would have a similar ability, however on a variety of spectrums.
Even though Mia thought her song was pimpalicious, the only pimpalicious thing about her was the way she did the samba!
by Juice Meister. August 05, 2008
Somebody who just gives off pimp vibes...or who dresses/acts like a pimp
Jigen...just look at the man
by RatchetBoo July 26, 2003
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