the feeling u get after u have been drunk many times over the weekend, becuz every1 knows what u've been doin.
that's 6 girls @ a time,-pimpalicious.
by Big Rich Mullis May 26, 2003
Havin a cirtain amount of hoes...that people jus say DAMN....
DDDDDAAAAAMMMMNNNN..Pimp u got mad hoes....
by Chamere March 18, 2003
When your pimp juice is always flowing
Pharoahpimp is pimpalicious
by pharoahpimp April 04, 2004
a female pimp that pimps guys
when a female is pimpin a nother guy and she has a nother guy and a nother guy...
by kailey September 20, 2004
word used to define the relationship between male and female sisters
Jon M. and Amanda R. are pimpalicious sisters.
by amanda December 11, 2004

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