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Pretty Much --> P.M.

Pronounced - pim.

See Also: Pimmity, Pimz, Pimdiggity
"Edward Cullen is sexy."
by Chiz? June 15, 2009
6 28
Person that is really smart but also cool. (like pimp but nice and cool)
He is so smart and nice, he must be a pim!
by Jan Koronel June 01, 2005
134 101
To accidentally spill a liquid over something, to lose control of something containing liquid.
"Today sucked, i accidentally knocked over a glass of lime cordial and pimmed my new Macbook"

"Oh man, I couldn't make it to the bathroom on time so i pimmed myself."
by spillage May 28, 2008
59 35
A really hot girl that is a master in kamasutra and can pleasure you every way possible
Man she did a pim on me
by Prydz November 28, 2012
11 7
the phonetic pronunciation for what someone is who is bitchy, or always PMSing
"don't even talk to nadia, she has chronic pims"
by lauren September 01, 2003
13 10
Stands for: Peeing In My Shoes

Means for when your peeing your pants especially when your wearing shorts.
Girl: I was laughing so hard I was PIMS
by UrbanLegend1234 March 20, 2010
4 2
Abbreviation for "Parted in Middle".

An outrageously hideous hairstyle that very few girls can pull off with the right haircut. Disgusting.
Somebody better tell this slore with the mean ol' PIM that she's fugly.
by bitch shredder shredder September 14, 2011
9 11