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Being awesome and lovable. Everyone strives to be a Pell. Other forms: Pellin, Pellish, Pellicious, Pelly, etc...
Last night I was so Pellicious!
by Cara June 21, 2004
Inferred as a target for practicing.
Pell practice starts in 10 minutes. There are six pells on the field.
by monkeyknuckledragger August 21, 2010
The act of misspelling and mispronunciation of words committed by certain Romanian Women.
Crina pelled at me the other day, when she said, "I don't know how to right this"
by xBanko February 26, 2009
Though the original definition of this ancient word has been somewhat lost over the years, linguists agree that the most likely definition has derived from the word phallus.
Your nowt but a f*cking Pell-end.
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