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A gin-based liquor made in England from dry gin, liqueur, fruit juices and spices
Grab a glass and enjoy the pimms!
by SmallTownSim September 24, 2008
Acronym: Person I must meet
I've heard so much about your mate with the drohawk, they are a pimm.
by Kent Wes Jacobsen August 30, 2007
when you are truely hardcore you shalt knock by the Pimms truely the most metal of all drinks...sometimes Pimms goes turbo with gin and thus becomes Turbo Pimms
Stutley: Hey Pod lets hit the Pimmage
Pod: Word
by Stutley November 13, 2004
Puke in My Mouth. PIMM is a short form for describing in a text or chat situation something revolting or disgusting.
A: "I just took such a huge dump I had to double flush."
by Filibustered January 11, 2011
Puke In My Mouth.
Mark: Yo nigga whats up?
Nick: Not much man i just saw this ugly ass nigga walkin down main stret.
Greg: Ew nigga i just heard about this thing called PIMM. Its what all the bitch ass niggas be doin down in the dirrty souf.
Mark: Oh true, what does it mean?
another word for peng, hot or sexy
check that girl over there, she's so pimm!
by 1ncr3d1ble October 08, 2012
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