Somebody who keeps the middle of the street, the way an aircraft pilot would taxi the runways.
I could not avoid a collision. The road was narrow, and he kept riding his motorbike on the center line like a aircraft pilot keeping the nose wheel on the guiding line.
by Chris Laarman July 10, 2008
derogatory term for people of african dissent. this term can be swapped with the term nigger. this will allow you to technically insult them withought them knowing you are, thus amusing you and not angering them to the point of rape or murder.
man 1: What do you call a black man flying a plane?
man 2: idk a nigger?
man 1: no a pilot, what are you racist?
by chris ostman July 10, 2008
a glorified bus driver
tom brags about taking people across the world safely, but he's really just a pilot
by yummy bunny90 July 09, 2010
Bus driver of the air. Generally fresh from a Motel 6 sleepover with a 50-something widebody stewardess.
We had a great pilot on our UA flight 634 from Seattle. He crashed the plane a slight bit on landing, but at least he didn't interrupt our movie telling us about it.
by fucwad June 25, 2005
An underpaid, underappreciated, and overconfident individual who has the inability to spell and write proficiently. Any person (regardless of intelligence level) can be a pilot, as long as he/she possesses good memorization skills and good hand-eye coordination. Individual spends thousands of dollars on flight training and university costs to achieve the life of: airline bankruptcies and furloughs, pay reductions, the potential loss of their medical certificates leading to the loss of a job/financial income, significant debt, lack of employment, and consistent scrutiny from the media and comedy figures. Usually retires overweight and dies early. Also see: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Riddle Vision.
"Hey baby, I'm a pilot... wanna make out?"
by Flight Team [mofo] December 27, 2004
A self righteous, arrogant person (usually male) who reads the USA Today in the cockpit of an aircraft while the onboard computers guide it through the air.

Pilots typically exhibit the maturity of a 12 year old, the sex drive of a 19 year old, the over confidence of a college sophmore, and the patience of a 5 year old.
What's the difference between God and a pilot? God doesn't think he's a pilot.
by Darth Bobo September 25, 2003
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