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1: Shorthand for "People"

2: A person who holds a Private Pilot Liscence, a Pilot.

3: A Private Pilot Liscence, The liscence itself
1: Hello PPL

2: Mick? Yeh, He's a PPL

3: I'm working on getting my PPL
by TrentH April 29, 2005
1: The Operator of an Airborne Vehicle such as an Aircraft, Helicopter, Gyrocopter or Glider.

2: Someone under instruction of a Pilot with the intent to learn to operate an airborne Vehicle

3: The First episode of a TV series
1: We are waiting for the Pilot to finish the Takeoff checks before we take off

2: I want to be a Pilot

3: Did you catch the Pilot episode of Stargate Atlantis?
by TrentH April 28, 2005
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