An individual who possesses a higher mindset. One of the very few on earth that are given the great duty of carrying out what humans 1,000 years ago dreamt of doing.

Pilots are usually thought of in the wrong ways. First off, they are in no way overpayed, many earn an average of $20K per year and work slave hours with lack of sleep. They are also not "glorified bus drivers". I don't know about you, but the last time I checked, buses don't run on million dollar turbine engines, travel at the speed of sound, or have the ability to reach the edge of the atmosphere.

To become a pilot you must have the "right stuff" and a pure passion for what you do, you should never be in it for the money or the fabled women you get.
Aviation is something that runs in me and many others. We pilots can't describe why or how we feel when we fly, but we sure as hell love what we do.
#aviation #aviator #pilot #airplane #sky
by auriga astra August 03, 2011
1: The Operator of an Airborne Vehicle such as an Aircraft, Helicopter, Gyrocopter or Glider.

2: Someone under instruction of a Pilot with the intent to learn to operate an airborne Vehicle

3: The First episode of a TV series
1: We are waiting for the Pilot to finish the Takeoff checks before we take off

2: I want to be a Pilot

3: Did you catch the Pilot episode of Stargate Atlantis?
by TrentH April 28, 2005

The act of being a pilot, piloteering, being a general pilot.

Pretty much just an extremely awesome person, usually one or two in a group, they can fly solo, or fly with another pilot. Pilots are NEVER wingmen, Wingmen are usually Co-Pilots.
Jane: Denise, Did you see that guy!,


Hey, do you remeber those guys Costa and Steve, Such Pilots.

#clutch #pilot #steven #costa #awesome
by Stevethegreek February 02, 2011
(male) cultivated pubic hair pattern where the hair is only a groomed rectangle running from the penis to the upper edge of the pubic region
He manscapes the pilot to match my landing strip, he is cleared to land in my vagina anytime.
#landing strip #runway #airport #manscape #aircraft
by itsalesguy June 05, 2010
a preview of what a show is to become, sort of a pre-season episode that may be given to the network to see whether they like a show or not
Did you see the South Park pilot??? It was the same thing as the first episode - Cartman Gets an Anal Probe, except the animation sucked a lot more...
by nirvana4lf April 10, 2005
Former Major League Baseball team from Seattle. Bought by Bud Selig a few weeks before the 1970 season and moved to Milwaukee. Seattle has never forgiven him since.
The Pilots were decent.
by Jim Bouton #56 January 01, 2005
An acronym, when fully "un-acronized" it means: production in lieu of testing. Usually where a group of developers decide that their deadline is far too close to employ normal testing measures, they opt to release the product in its current form, and then fix "broken" functionality when user's bring it to their attention by complaining about it.
Bob said "hey, I don't think we are going to have enough time to test this release..." to which Dan replied "well, then it looks like we will have to run a PILOT program..."
#software #development #sdlc #testing #programs
by Alexander H April 29, 2008
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