To have sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex
Hay babe let's go back to your place and PILE
by Billy Montana August 22, 2006
Top Definition
anything that is a piece of shit, somthing that crappy,old or broken..
Dude your car is a pile. (meaning your car is a piece of shit)Can even mean a person who is lazy or just a waste of life)
by jon February 20, 2005
To sit on the couch in semi darkness for hours on end, ordering food, consuming various and sundry pills, avioding all cell phone calls, while being in a state of semi dress and watching massive amounts of TV (if one can retain consiousness).
Bob hasn't come out of his apartment in two days, what a pile.
by Dan Reeves January 09, 2006
The itching sensation felt in the rectal cavity.
. Sitting on a radiator or dildo for long periods of time, causes this itchy medical complaint. "I would purchase one of the many effective pile creams, for soothing relief. But i'm quite thrilled by the burning sensation similar to that of a hot fish finger shoved up my arse" chuckled Julien
by James November 11, 2003
Someone that that sits around on the couch and smokes a shit load of weed.
That guy is such a pile, he hasnt come out if his house for 3 days.
by randalf von richtoven January 05, 2008
An uncomfortable ailment for anyone who has accessed this word. Result of sitting on cold concrete, child-birth or anal perversions.
I took a dump and my piles fell out. It looks like an open bullet-wound.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
Man that kid is such a pile.
(as in pile of shit.)
by Philisdumb March 18, 2003
Acronym for "Potentially Inebriated Lifeless Equipment." Can be used to describe anything in a state of disrepair or complete inoperability. The word pile can also be used to reference animal feces, or a "steaming pile."
"Man, that car is a pile!"
"This customer's Linksys router is a pile"
"That dog just left a steaming pile on my lawn!"
by 2wheeledfury June 08, 2007
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