A former friend, being influenced by another negativly. A complete && utter waste of time. Someone who is constantly flaking, being gay, decietful, sneaky, && lieing. Pretty much being a tiny speck on the distant coast of sanity. Someone who is constantly the hot g
Alex: Naw ii have to go do chores.
Ali: Dood your a fucking pile, this is the 6th time this week you've had to do chores.
by Alii Lansing July 11, 2006
A 3 dimensional measurement used to calculate distance ,time, circumference, pi, weight, velocity, density, temperature, acts of god, force, gravity, WPM, resolution, direction, time, and worth.
"7.45 cubic kilopiles should get me to my destination".
by vectortec October 17, 2003
someone with a large butt, who is unpleasant to be around, and has lots of emotional baggage.
Why is that pile so obcessed with me?
by santapiles November 02, 2009
1. A loose assortment of material, gathered into and construed as a single entity. The contents of a pile are usually explicitly stated or implicitly understood to be undesirable (i.e. trash, shit, ass, maggots, gaywads).

2. A person who either functionally or essentially resembles the aforementioned.
Yeah, he's a fucking pile. Left me all his work to finish. I'mma leave him a surprise.
by nayhem June 15, 2008
To hide geekish fantasies of Kevin Smith and hamburgers by insulting others. A means of gaining self-worth without giving away ones true personality.
"I didn't make any friends at camp because I put on my PILE face."
by Ponce DeLeon February 18, 2003
To have sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex
Hay babe let's go back to your place and PILE
by Billy Montana August 22, 2006
Fail. On an epic scale.
Met with disaster. Go up in flames. Went horribly, horribly wrong. Lost total control. Met with ruin. Fucked Up.

(see Piled Severely)

Almost always used in Past Tense. Because no one expects to Pile. No one would wish a Severe Pile on anyone.)
Do you think he'll Pile?

He forgot to take his exams? Oh, man, he totally piled.
by marsupialmarzipan March 09, 2009
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