A more violent strain of chav.

Fond of ending sentences with Blud, or Bruv and occasionally Brer.
Some pikies mugged my little brother!
by !!JESUS!! November 08, 2005
Top Definition
A nomadic social class. A lifestyle derived from gypsies and more recently defined by new age travellers.
Film Snatch - Guy Ritchie: It all starts simply enough, but gets dangerously complicated, for bare-knuckle fight promoter Turkish (Statham). He’s had enough of working out of a dilapidated caravan and wants a new one to act as his office. Expecting a bit of bother with the ‘pikies’ who he wants to buy a caravan from, he takes his prize fighter.
by Redshaolin_tiger May 04, 2005
Piky is a derogatory word for a member of the Irish travelling community in the UK, simply as that. It is sometimes used to insult; dirty, unruly, uncough and generally bad behavior but that is comparing the subject to being like a Piky and it doesn't mean they actually are.
See the Piky camp has moved on again and left everything they stole from the place before that, as rubbish on the street.
by Rikstir November 05, 2013

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