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Was coined by Berman on LS2.com, it means Pee In Her Butt, as in anal sex.
Damn that girl is hot, I'd PIHB.
by LS1.com sucks April 16, 2004
meaning pee in his/her butt,
Did you see sally? I wish i could pihb
by DerekS August 29, 2007
The acronym for "Pee In Her Butt", generally used as an answer to a question that someone can't answer, or to express the desire to engage in anal intercourse with a sexually appealing individual.
Dude, my girlfriend isn't talking to me, what do I do?

Hey check out that girl over there, I'd pihb her so hard!
by MonkeyShrub November 24, 2009
1: the act of "pihb"; a girl with pihbtential
"Man,look at that pihb"
"I'd pihb her"
by Kyle November 17, 2004