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3 definitions by VincentVega

A sexual act. "PIHB" in this instance stands for "pee in her butt".
I ordered a Mr. PIHB from my weekly prostitute.
by VincentVega November 19, 2006
29 5
When a group of people have sex stacked on top of each other. This can contain any number of men or women so long as it more than two(regular sex), but less than 5 (an orgy).
Call Martha and Bob over. I'm hungry for some hot, syrupy pancake sex.
by VincentVega August 02, 2007
34 20
A person that combines both the characteristics of a strange and dangerous person. Generally crazy homeless people or drug addicts. Use caution when approaching.
This strangerous looking bum was giving us the crazy eyes at the train station so we left.
by VincentVega January 21, 2007
7 3