the police when they in they squad cars.
matt: yo dude, check it out.

justin: ha, it's da pigs in a blanket!
by pimpmaster25 December 03, 2007
simply pinch your ball sack (lightly) on both sides of your penis and lift up and squeeze together around your penis.
looks like the good ol' IHOP "pigs in a blanket".
by Jensen28c September 10, 2007
When you fuck a girl in the ass and pull out as quickly as possibly. The suction pulls out the lining of her colon around your dick making it look like a pig in a blanket. Later she must have it sewn back in.
I just pulled the pigs in a blanket on my girlfriend. She's goin in for surgery tomorrow.
by Vergalicious February 19, 2008
This term is used when a man has sex with a woman's breasts. Also known as titty f*@k.
The man gave the woman pigs in a blanket when he put his penis in her breasts.
by D.Roberts April 01, 2006
seek out the fattest bitch with the flabbiest arms and do as follows: make her drink a fifth of 151(you may want a bottle for yourself too), get 3 other friends and a camera, take her excess arm and/or leg jello and wrap it around your taliwacker proceeding to perform coitus with it as your friends assault her other limbs.
why do you have bed sores on the backs of your arms and legs Rosie, have you been laying in bed surfacing to harriet the spy for days on end again?
No not since last week, I agreed to make pigs in a blanket with the Baldwin brothers.
by pete burns October 14, 2007
When doing a dude from behind, you reach up with one hand and hook his nostrils with the first two fingers, while simultaneously punching him in the back of the head and ejaculating on his grandmother's afghan.
Those dudes where like pigs in a blanket.
by greggy Henderson November 14, 2008
A particular black woman's word for pinata.
You got any 'dem pigs in a blanket? You know, the tings you hang from a string and you hit dem and candy falls out!
by Kevin Reynolds aka. stankypoo February 24, 2003
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