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an insulting assumption based on the unproven assumption that one (a male) has sex with pigs. The term is meant to question intelligence and/or masculinity.
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
7 30
A great guy who sacrafices his reputation by going for the ugliest girl at a party so his friends get the better picks.
"I was at a bat mitzwah, and thank god for Jon, he's a real pig sticker and he occupied my girlfriend's ugly friend"
by john wiskeyjack August 16, 2003
87 29
The nickname for a knife or sword.
Another nickname could be a shank.
Used in the game The Hidden: Source.
Used in the book Swastikia by: Michael Slade.
"I just used my pigsticker to gut him."
"That is a very sharp pigsticker."
Or can be used as a verb. "I just pigsticked you bad."
by Logan Scheibli November 17, 2006
42 6
a large folding knife,sometines a switchbladein which
the blade is much longer than the handle so it sticks out
the back when closed!,also called a FOLDING BOWIE.
the whole theatre gasped when antonio whipped out his
by george reinecke August 05, 2006
46 33
1. A large knife, whether folding or otherwise

2. Knife procured in order to pierce through police body armor. Double meaning, considering a relatively large knife is required to cut through Kevlar and still be effective, as well as the common derogatory nickname of "pig" being applied to police officers.
1. "I got a new cold steel ti-lite, it's the nicest pig sticker I own."


Loser1: "I hope this pig sticker leaves the popo with something to remember me by."

Loser2: "yeah nigga"
by IHateYouAll May 27, 2012
5 1
term for Blade's sword in the original movie.
"I've got his pig sticker!"
by monk October 07, 2003
12 34
a kitchen cooking item to turn food
by DAVID WILLIAMS July 13, 2003
2 26