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A great guy who sacrafices his reputation by going for the ugliest girl at a party so his friends get the better picks.
"I was at a bat mitzwah, and thank god for Jon, he's a real pig sticker and he occupied my girlfriend's ugly friend"
by john wiskeyjack August 16, 2003
The nickname for a knife or sword.
Another nickname could be a shank.
Used in the game The Hidden: Source.
Used in the book Swastikia by: Michael Slade.
"I just used my pigsticker to gut him."
"That is a very sharp pigsticker."
Or can be used as a verb. "I just pigsticked you bad."
by Logan Scheibli November 17, 2006
a large folding knife,sometines a switchbladein which
the blade is much longer than the handle so it sticks out
the back when closed!,also called a FOLDING BOWIE.
the whole theatre gasped when antonio whipped out his
by george reinecke August 05, 2006
1. A large knife, whether folding or otherwise

2. Knife procured in order to pierce through police body armor. Double meaning, considering a relatively large knife is required to cut through Kevlar and still be effective, as well as the common derogatory nickname of "pig" being applied to police officers.
1. "I got a new cold steel ti-lite, it's the nicest pig sticker I own."


Loser1: "I hope this pig sticker leaves the popo with something to remember me by."

Loser2: "yeah nigga"
by IHateYouAll May 27, 2012
term for Blade's sword in the original movie.
"I've got his pig sticker!"
by monk October 07, 2003
an insulting assumption based on the unproven assumption that one (a male) has sex with pigs. The term is meant to question intelligence and/or masculinity.
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
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