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A tough cop who doesn't always play by the rules. When ever some evil sh*t is going down you know cold Steel is there to break it up. Hes loved by the ladies, but he never gets tied down, to far to badass to get held down by a par of bewbies.
Bay guy: Alright lets make the drug deal
bad guy 2: Oh sh*t its cold steel!
bad guy 3: run mother f*ckers he doesnt play by the rules
by Erik j. b. January 14, 2006
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A knife company that makes wicked-ass knives, most are designed to kill things
I'm gonna stab you with my cold steel GI tanto in the lung! You are going to drown in your own blood, son.
by GugMuhgug June 26, 2013
a cool guy in vp that woman are gagging for ie: vc,toubs,flicks,air,fevs etc..
by john August 22, 2003

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