A gay homosexual man who likes the seedier side of sex, often swallowing spunk, piss urine, snot, sweat, armpits, and/or scat. Usually the submissive partner in a gay relationship
Lick my pits, you're such a pig!
by ArcticPup March 13, 2008
Adjective: less refined (as in metals), or somehow spurious.

I note , however, that in scatology, bullshit and horse-shit are used as pejoritives, as if those commodities are of lesser value, but pig-shit expresses value if not desirability....
Pig-iron (basic iron ingot, first product of ore smelting)
Pig-Latin (a false language, easily decifered) as opposed to dog-latin which is nonsense sounds invented to resemble Latin
by kindly_wise May 30, 2004
*A term to refer to a cop.

*A term to refer to an ultra-perverted man.

*Basically a term to refer to an annoying, snivelling, obnoxious, meddling prick, such as one who disrespects your privacy.

*Some good eatin'! ^_^
"Muslims don't eat pig because they're dirty. They don't know what they're missing out on. Bacon is goooood. ^.^ *hands one out to an arab* here try one! ^_^ "
by Dave March 28, 2004
that fuckin cop that busted my ass last week
that fuckin pig took my dope!!!
by Andrew Richardson March 15, 2003
Illicit drugs of any type.
I got the jones real bad, man! I need to score me some pig!
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
Pig usually describes a White person. There are two reasons for this: 1. Most of the pigs for slaughter are White. 2. Pigs are fat, and many White people are overweight and clumsy.
"Congrat. you've lost 4 pounds!"

"But I'm still weight 89 pounds, I'm still a pig"
by Pig for life March 20, 2009
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