Any variety of link sausage.
I was so hungry after drinking all night, I ordered the Hungry Drunk breakfast with two sides of pig dicks.
by Slambo July 20, 2005
Top Definition
A Police Detective that thinks he knows it all but doesn't really know shit.
That pig dick has been bustin' my balls following me around and bangin' on my front door.
by $crooge May 11, 2006
a town in any low-density population state. Saves you having to remember special spellings or pronunciations of places that people have never heard of anyway.

Also interchangeable with its synonym, "bumfuck"
Yeah, I was born in Pigdick, Illinois...

So we had to call a tow truck run by some redneck outta Pigdick, Nowhere...
by Double A Ron April 06, 2005
A compliment for someone that's a complete asshole
"Shut up pig dick"
"Don't call me a pig dick you douchebag."
"Hey I'm being nice here!"
by It's Bieber Bitch! January 09, 2015
When a man has a dick that looks like a pig
Your dick looks like bacon. Its a pig dick. You like?
by Jason Mosley April 17, 2010
slang for saying that a person is very moronic and idiotic
SSgt to his troops "You bunch of pig dicks...dont you know anything?"
by SSgt J's Wife January 20, 2005
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