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A Police Detective that thinks he knows it all but doesn't really know shit.
That pig dick has been bustin' my balls following me around and bangin' on my front door.
by $crooge May 11, 2006
Bomb ass fucking cannabis covered in crystals and skunky as hell. The purple Northern Cali buds that true stoners like myself smoke everyday. Shit that can literally give you a hernia.
Man I was puffin' A LOT of hurtchadickweed outta the glass bong and coughed so fuckin' hard that I gave myself a hernia.

That hurtchadickweed dropped my intestines straight into my nutsack.
by $crooge May 11, 2006
What we do here in Sacramento; a bowl of purple buds with hash sprinkled on top, and hash oil on top of everything else in the bowl.
I told the owner of the cannabis club that we smoked a Broadway, all he could say was, "FUCK!!!"
by $crooge May 11, 2006
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