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smokin' mad blunts, yo.
On Saturday night...You know I only be piffen or sippen.
by LadyStardust May 01, 2006
11 1
To have an epiphany. Used by the surfing community. commonly used in conjunction with the words; filthy or frothen. Is not used in the true sense of the word epiphany but rather to purvey a subdued, chilled and out of body feeling brought about from a moment of realization, an amazing experience or for no reason at all.

Maeeetttteeee scored some filthy bazzas (Surfing terminology for in the barrel of a breaking wave), at huzzahs (surfing location in Margaret River, Western Australia). Just fully piffen now aye bro.
by 6ftbearss April 25, 2007
7 6
smokin the best weed on the street, THAT DRO/GUSH
what we smoke that piffen presidential shit bill clinton "weezy baby"
by T.K. M.P. July 27, 2006
7 8