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smokin' mad blunts, yo.
On Saturday night...You know I only be piffen or sippen.
by LadyStardust May 01, 2006
To have an epiphany. Used by the surfing community. commonly used in conjunction with the words; filthy or frothen. Is not used in the true sense of the word epiphany but rather to purvey a subdued, chilled and out of body feeling brought about from a moment of realization, an amazing experience or for no reason at all.

Maeeetttteeee scored some filthy bazzas (Surfing terminology for in the barrel of a breaking wave), at huzzahs (surfing location in Margaret River, Western Australia). Just fully piffen now aye bro.
by 6ftbearss April 25, 2007
smokin the best weed on the street, THAT DRO/GUSH
what we smoke that piffen presidential shit bill clinton "weezy baby"
by T.K. M.P. July 27, 2006
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