Top Definition
Piel is an Afrikaans word for your cock. It can be used in a variety of ways, to express pain, disgustedness, contentdedness, but mostly it is just a cock. The thing dangling down your/ your boyfriends pants.
Ahhh, fokken PIEL!
Dude, sick ass piel.
Did you see that guys piel? Fuckin' HUGE!
by kkemp June 05, 2006
the male penis in afrikaans
a slang word for something thats cool/awesome
piel - "jassie my piel is lank jong"
piele - "hierdie mustang lyk piele bra"
by marco.her September 16, 2008
s african - penis
jou piel - your dick
by aryanto March 21, 2004
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