Someone that is married to an idiotic idea, to the point of being obtuse
Robert and Mitchell on DOB's Braves baseball blog are convinced that every game the Braves lose if because of Bobby Cox. Man those guys are a real piece of work.
by Bat Masterson , Fl October 16, 2010
put together creatively
I'm not sure what to make of your indepth comments. You're a piece of work!
by hansel1 September 20, 2013
A person who is flagrant and foolish
He sure is a piece of work.
by eugene February 01, 2004
One who is absolutely ridiculous.Specifically the assistant baseball coach at Fremont high school in Sunnyvale California.
That guy is a piece of work.
by fremontbaseball April 02, 2008
something that is very funny that goes on forever
Everybody was hoping and praying for rain for the crops. Somebody got out some drums and started drumming. Other people gathered round and started stomping their feet while they walked around in a circle in front of the drummer. They raised their voices and raised their arms, flailing them in the air. They had headdress on that was a band around the head that soaked up the sweat of their brow, and feathers in the headdress that were very pretty that came from very special birds. (They just fell out. They didn't kill them.) Suddenly, a great cloud came across in the sky. The sky darkened, and rain came pouring down. Everybody fell to the ground, laughing. This happens every year! The rain keeps on falling, and you think that the flooding is never going to end, but it does. We can all laugh about it. Our concept that we caused the rain to fall ourselves is a piece of work.
by SharonGeorgia September 22, 2009

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