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severe slang for a human. -reducing a human and his/her sex parts down to 'a piece of meat' does seem slightly criminal,
but this is of little significance when/while 'shopping' at the "pick-up bar" for a nice piece of warm 'meat'!!

-emts have been known to refer to 'road kill' or 'fresh meat'!
a friends' wife got 'hot' when i used this term, i DO use it with males as much as females! -the sad part is the usage at all!!!
ie: rendering a 'cherished' human to something seen hanging in a stockyard. (any "Freddies" in the house??)
joshua spotted a nice piece of meat, but it was a poor 'cut'

jill was shopping a nice pork roast, but ended up with 'mad cow'!!

he worked out and knew he was a filet mignon!, almost too good to pump!

they were hammering each other like a 'butcher'! they ended up two tenderized pieces of meat!!
by michael foolsley February 01, 2010
an unintelligent male who tends to be a bit of a man whore.
TJ is a piece of meat.
by Marcy Schroder November 18, 2007