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something very easy to do
Beating the Grapple Guardian in Metroid Prime 2 (Echoes) is a piece of cake.
by Light Joker February 08, 2005
An easy task that usually ends up being more fun than difficult.
Mom: Mop the floor, please, son.

Son: Mop the floor, eh? Piece of cake!

Mom: What?

Son: I said that mopping the floor will be a piece of cake.

Mom: Oh, OK. I didn't hear you the first time.

Son: Understood.
by Diggity Monkeez February 21, 2005
When something is exceptionally easy. Originated from slaves doing a dance called "cakewalking," a dance to imitate ballroom dancing, made to look effortless. Slave owners would sometimes reward the best performer with a piece of hoecake.
"He makes that dance look like a piece of cake."
by KiwiVanilaXtract September 18, 2007
Something really easy to do.
Dude 1: All right, I need to farm 25K honor today.
Dude 2: Piece of cake.
Dude 1: Huh?
Dude 2: We allways cap 3 flags before the first 7 minutes (World of Warcraft).

For the Horde!
by For the Horde January 17, 2008
Something that's really easy doing
We played against a child. It was piece of cake!
by vnrc October 25, 2013
a walk in the park
a walk in the park?
piece of cake.
by jollygreenxerxes December 27, 2008
Giving a girl roofies so that you can have sex with her
Bobby wanted to take moira out for a "piece of cake" so he could get busy.
by Original Slappy White April 20, 2009
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