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Dane Cook once sated that it was something you find at a crimescene.
"We've found..uh..It looks like a piece of ass?!"
said the police officer bagging the evidence.
by toee May 18, 2006
1. a hot woman, dressed in a sexy manner
2. hot chick who is ready for sex
Mmm mmm mmm, look at that sweet piece of ass over there. Like to suck on her teats.
by Bud E Love May 07, 2003
to get some action, have, or get to have, sex with a fiiine female.
yo man, how was your date with melanie last night ?

sweet man i got a piece of that ass !!
by gaurav November 28, 2003
generally, any female person
you're a piece of ass, what does that make you, special?
by grapes March 08, 2005
1. Used as an insult or comment about someone of a feature on someone ex someone who:
is dumb
has a nice booty
is diferent
acting stupid
being silly
dressed like a ho
well put together
looking really hott
being retarded
"omigod sara u piece of ass"
In this case it could mean jst about anything depending on the situation.
"ow ow manda u sexy peice of ass get over here"
In this case manda is a hott sexy biotch wiht a nice booty
"omigod sally u frekaing peice of ass"
In this case sally is a lazy ass fatso who is annoying as hell and really retarded
by sexybitch March 06, 2005