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The name of a great, great band. Indierockemodealie. They're great. Check em out.
Piebald is one of the coolest bands around.
by SoniaHazard March 17, 2004
It means "of two colors"; "blotched with white and black". Used extensively in C.S. Lewis' book, "Perelandra", copywrited in 1944.
After Ransom's extended voyage through space in the translucent coffin, he emerged leperous-white on the one side of his body and golden brown on the other from the constant exposure to the sun it received; the green lady laughed and capered with mirth at the sight of his "piebald" stature.
by Woody Woolever September 08, 2003
Only one of the greatest bands ever!
Lets go to listen to pie bald
Okay, their bitchin!
by therealshit April 18, 2005