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Short for 'pidgeon hole'

Used (probably not exclusively) throughout the university of Oxford, UK

eg "I'm going to check my pidge"

Also (less commonly) used as a verb 'to pidge', translates as "to check ones pidgeon hole"

eg. "what are you doing?"
"I'm pidging"
by Danthemanwiththebighandspan October 03, 2005
to stuff with pistachios.
These apples are pretty bland. Shall we pidge them?

Ooh look! Pidged apples, my favorite!
by Roaring Kittens April 29, 2010
A baby pigeon. (especially a found one.)
We found a pidge that had fallen out of its nest. Poor pigeon chick!
by tobyfinchkins June 05, 2010
A Unit of Time,

Pidge = 2 minutes

Can be used as a fraction

Half a Pidge = 1 minute
Pidge and a Half = 3 minutes

Normally refering to a man who cums early. "To do a Pidge"
He only lasted a pidge

did he just Pidge you? Yea

for time: how long should this go in the microwave? a pidge and a half.
by BucktBy January 10, 2011
A noun meaning the diminuitive form of the word "pudge", usually a slight protrusion of belly fat but not so much as to deem someone as "pudgey".

Fat around your back, or "back biscuits" can also be referred to as "bidge" if it is slight, or "budge" if in excess.

The substitution of "u" with "i" to create diminutive versions also applies in the following cases: smudge, fudge, drudge, nudge, judge, crud, etc.

To denote a state in between large and small, an "a" may be substituted in place of "u" or "i" as is the case in "padge." To achieve the superlative, substitute the letter "o" as in "podge", pronounced with a short "o" sound as in "dot".
"Although the physical trainer was hot and clearly inshape, he did have a slight pidge where his six-pack abs ought to have been."
by mmmitty February 02, 2010
short scarf, knitted or crocheted. usually about 8" long and buttons around the neck
This pidge will keep the winter wind from blowing in my collar
by akaRosella September 30, 2009
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