The act of pouring pickle juice into a girls vagina, fucking it and then having her suck your dick dry.
I was so pissed at my girlfriend that i pickled her
by poopypants12345 January 30, 2011
confused. see also confuzzled
i'm pickled. what was the question again?
by mad sam purple'ead January 22, 2005
College day prank: perfomed in a dining hall. Someone places a pickle on someones shoulder in the kitchen line and then watch him/her walk through the cafeteria with a pickle on their shoulder. This can progress into bigger items such as a piece of bread.
I pickled this chief at lunch so good. He was walking around with a half-sandwich on his shoulder through the cafeteria -- people were busting!
by JaniH May 17, 2005
To have slept with or had sexual relations with Pickles. A rare occurrence.

Also can be used to describe someone who has had sex with an actual pickle (less rare than previous case)
Nick: "Hey you talk to her?"
James: "Nah, she's gross, she's been Pickled"
by EH1232 December 10, 2009
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