(n) the act of inhaling and later vomiting an entire pickle at someones house.
"Adam was so wasted last night, he pickled Ariana"

"yeah, he was really living his vomit life."
by LYVL May 08, 2011
Top Definition
To be in a confused state of being. Not focussed. A frame of mind induced by excessive intoxication by drink or drugs.
What was I just talking about? Uh? Sorry maaaaaaan, I'm feeling a little pickled.
by Ancharlavy February 28, 2005
drunk from alcahol
Damn! I got pickled last night!
by Cyrustaran June 03, 2003
to be fucked by one of a kind. a synonym relating to sex or the act of having sex...more commonly used after having sex with a female..once the deed has been done and done to the full extent....you just got pickled..bitch
by PIKL MN September 25, 2009
The act of letting your erect penis become limp inside a vagina. Essentially letting the cucumber become "pickled". Not very much fun for either sex.
She was turning me on until she started making cow noises. Totally pickled me.
by snarftits June 16, 2014
When you're absolutely pissed off your face from spirits

Beyond drunk
Bernice was absolutely pickled last friday night
by bongbongcingchong February 01, 2016
To stoned to count or to drunk to walk
That dude is pickled
by Stony Pete February 22, 2015
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