When you have sex for so long that the vinegary vaginal acids start to degrade your dick, much like how vinegar transforms a cucumber into a pickle.
Charlie: I saw that you had Taylor over for a long time last night, you got to watch out for that pickle dick.
Jake: Good thing she likes pickles.
by OtisGammaNUG1 June 30, 2013
Top Definition
an infected penis, covered in genital warts. (from the latin term bumpus cockerus).
if you don't want pickle dick, wear a hard hat before entering a cum dumpster!!
by John546 May 06, 2007
A complete disgrace to someone.
Lumpy penis.
Justin Timberlake has been called this several times.
Justin Timberlake sounds like a pickledick.
Ay pickledick, how's the cobalt?
by yuhknowhoitis April 09, 2009
A pickle resembling a dick. Being in Kosher-man like fashion.
That pickledick is partying hard.
by Raglios April 06, 2003
Its when you ecumulate alot of sweat and leftover piss and jizz on the end of your penis, It smells like Vinegar or Pickles.
Wow, You have a stinky Pickle dick
by Dr Ushnundarf September 21, 2012
When you get to drunk to have sex and you go limp during sex.

(Especially during long distance relationships, when sex is rare.)
Tyler: Oh shit I just went limp.
Nicole: What the fuck you and your pickle dick!
by Hey Zues Christ November 01, 2009
a predictament or troubling occurance/ also used to annoy others in shouting matches
"We're in a pickle Dick." The Adventures of Dick and Jane
by Megs and Mads November 15, 2006
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