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- Noun

1. A discreet way of referring to someone who enjoys receiving dick in their ass; often used when the upmost subtlety is called for.

2. A homosexual; especially one who prefers receiving instead of pitching.
Male Friend #1: Hey Jim, I don’t need anything in particular, but let’s go shopping and hang out at the mall together! After that, we can slurp down some milkshakes and talk about our feelings!

Male Friend #2: Oh John… you’re such a pickle butt! Sorry I can’t go, but I’ve just got too many things to do today. I’m gonna be busy for a while… fucking pickle-butt.
by jim123abc June 30, 2011
14 1
1. (verb) When you stick a pickle up your butthole

2. (noun) A game where you try to stick a pickle up someones butt.
(verb) "Dude, you just picklebutted your girlfriend!"

(noun) "Let's play some picklebutt.'
by Mr.Fingerbuttule January 20, 2013
4 0