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1 usually offensive : a person affected with idiocy
2 : a foolish or stupid person
"Hey, butt pickle, shut yer yapper before I stick my foot up yer poop chute."
by KWB March 14, 2005
A game usually enjoyed by extremely perverted college kids, in which a lubricated pickle is inserted into the player's butt-hole and they are told to race down a football field without dropping the pickle. If the slippery pickle happens to fall out of the player's butt-hole, the player has to take a bite of it as punishment for dropping the pickle.
Guy 1: Hey man! you up for a game of butt pickle?

Guy 2: Naw bro... i hate pickles, it's all about ass-cucumber.
Guy 1: Go Screw a Pineapple!!!
Guy 2: Already did was delicious.
#butt-hole #ass #pickle #soggy waffle #drop the soap #perv #sports #homosexual #hazing #college
by NorCalRebel April 08, 2015
The act of anal sex.
"I heard Suzie likes Butt Pickles!"
"Yeah, I've given her one a time or two.."
#anal #sex #intercourse #weed #magic
by ThatGirlPaige August 16, 2012
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