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the worst possible initiation ritual in high school that seniors did to one freshman dude in particular, consisting of getting his pants ripped down, having a pickle shoved in his ass, and having to walk ten feet. it fell out, and he had to take a bite and try the ten feet again. he finished the task after taking four bites.
(this was from clerks 2.)
jay: hey, thanks piclke fucker. *'pickle fucker' gave them his mooby's food, in doubt he wouldn't like it*
graves: how do you know we call him pickle fucker?
jay: you call him pickle fucker?
(paraphrasing from clerks 2.)
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
Character portrayed by Jason Lee in Clerks II
Hey, Pickle Fucker just gave me a free meal!
by ANODRAC January 10, 2007
A need to be intimate with any member of the pickle family. The want for vinegary products to help in stimulation of Z fuckers annual experience. This thus makes Z fucker a pickle fucker.

Hence social situations Z fucker is only named via the appropriate term Pickle Fucker!
by WizardsinChutney .org April 17, 2010
When a dill pickle is hallowed out than put on your penis then you fuck and cum in it then eat it.
That pickle is taste. Yummy. Your a good pickle fucker
by Jason Moley April 13, 2010
A guy who fucks a pickle or gets fucked by a pickle.
The dog backing pickle fucker Jordan
by Albertvilleblows January 14, 2008