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A deformed or grossly thick set of fingers, resembling pickles. Used to describe the limited mobility of such deformed fingers or the poor flexibility or dexterity of normally-developed fingers, such as in poorly-coordinated individuals. Typically used to describe clumsy people or persons unable to play the piano.
Jim: "Tim, please pick up that dime."
Tim: "Can't, man, I got pickle fingers".
by marainey December 06, 2009
Manually stimulating a woman for so long that your fingers begin to get prune-y.
I gave her the ole pickle finger last night.
by Jerrah1981 December 17, 2013
Pickle finger refers to the state in which you finish fingering a girl (or yourself, if you are female) and your finger is now covered in vaginal moisture. The wet mess you're left with all over your finger resembles the process of "pickling", or preserving of food. This term is even more accurate when the mess just doesn't seem to wanna wash off of your finger, leaving it feeling moist and sometimes leaving a stench. Congrats, your finger is now pickled.
I went over to Stacy's last night. I left with the worst pickle finger ever.

I tried washing my hands 4 times, her vagina sauce just wouldn't come off. I had pickle finger all night.
by Dick Changler September 12, 2016
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