put in butt
We don't have sex, he likes to pib.
by 012 November 28, 2009
Pig bitch
I hate you gino you pib
by noobal November 29, 2010
"Poor In Bed"
That guy David from Ft. Lauderdale sure was PIB and that's the real reason he doesn't get laid often!

He's PIB so don't bother for a booty call!
by fashiongal October 18, 2009
to hump someone or something
dude, dont pib my dog you horny bastard
by zwimek May 07, 2004
Acronym: Pee In her Butt.
damn, look at that hot girl!
yeah, I'd pib her...
by Tony March 22, 2004
Pass it back (to someone else) Trying to get out of something.
I'm definatly PIB ing that meeting.
by Ailbhe June 19, 2008
slang for vagina.

British derivation. Usually said with a English accent
I'll let you look in my PIB!
by PIB master October 23, 2007

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